Eiffel 101: Overview of OSHA Guidelines for Trenching

Should I Purchase Welded or Seamless Steel Pipe?

What is Casing Pipe?

What are Sectional Barges?

A sectional barge is one type of truckable vessel. Truckable vessels are designed to be able to be transported using 18-wheelers, which makes getting them to various project sites simple and affordable. Other truckable vessels aside from sectional barges include ...

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Steel Plate Application: Road Utilities

Steel plates (also known as road plates) are wide, flat plates used to cover road utilities while construction or repair is underway. They are also used along trench boxes during excavation for utility construction and repair. The purpose of a steel plate is to p...

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Eiffel 101: Pile Driver Maintenance Checklist

Pile drivers require maintenance to extend their mileage and to keep them running smoothly. Maintenance includes daily items, such as fluid checks and visual inspections, as well as items that should be done at certain time intervals or in inclement weather.


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Eiffel 101: Trenching Safety Checklist

Excavation can be dangerous for workers due to the risk of cave-ins. For this reason, it’s important to plan for safe excavation work, including ordering utility locates, providing shoring or shielding equipment, and planning traffic control. The Competent Person...

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Steel Road Plate Application: Trenching

A trench is a type of pit created to install underground utilities like gas, water, power and communication lines; to create foundations for building, retaining walls, and dams; and for cut-and-cover construction of tunnels. Trenches are temporary and will be bac...

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What Is Closed-End Pipe Pile?

Closed end pipe pile is a type or application of steel pipe pile. Pipe pile is a type of steel pipe, which is welded, seamless, or welded in the shape of a spiral. It is driven into the ground to provide support for a deep foundations. Pipe pile helps transfer a ...

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What Is a Trench Box?

A trench box is a system installed to protect workers while they’re digging or excavating the earth. Trench boxes are also known as trench shields, sewer boxes, manhole boxes, or tap boxes. They give a trench stability and allow laborers to work in peace knowing ...

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