Why Sell Jersey Barrier Wall Through Eiffel Trading?

What Is a Jersey Barrier Wall?

What Should I Consider When Selling a Jersey Barrier Wall?

Eiffel 101: 4 Ways to Earn More Money Selling Your Used Jersey Barriers

Jersey barriers are precast concrete barriers that are widely used to separate traffic traveling in opposite directions. They are commonly used on highways, bridges, and other locations where there is a risk of vehicle collision. Made of concrete, Jersey barriers...

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What are the Options for Selling Jersey Barriers?

There are six main options for selling Jersey barriers: on a global trading platform, at auction, through an online materials seller, on a local listing site, through a broker, or on Eiffel Trading’s Online Marketplace. Here, we outline the pros and cons of each ...

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Why Shouldn't You Sell Used Concrete Formwork at an Auction?

Used concrete formwork retains its value well and is a popular item among buyers looking to save on their next concrete construction project. If you’ve made the decision to sell your concrete formwork, there are ways to make your selling experience more profitabl...

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What to Consider When Selling Single Slope Barrier Walls

The main purpose of a single slope barrier wall is to provide a physical barrier between opposing lanes of traffic. This can help to prevent head-on collisions and other types of accidents that may occur due to driver error. In addition, the use of tempor...

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Eiffel 101: Top 5 Reasons to Sell Used Concrete Formwork

Concrete formwork is the (often temporary) mold or frame into which concrete is poured during concrete construction to simplify the creation of clean, precise concrete structures of a wide range of shapes and sizes. It is an incredibly useful addition to ...

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Eiffel 101: 5 Ways to Get More from Selling Your HDPE Pipe Online

HDPE pipe is a type of plastic pipe that’s used to transfer liquids and gases. It’s high-pressure resistant as well as impermeable and is great for use in applications like drainage pipes, irrigation, gas mains, slurry transfer lines, sewer mains, etc. Wh...

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What are the Options for Selling H-Pile Beams?

Due to the durability and longevity of steel, H-pile can be uninstalled and resold after use. If you have excess H-pile, there are benefits to selling the material rather than holding onto it indefinitely. You can make money, save storage space, take adva...

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