Eiffel 101: 16” and 18” H-Pile

Piles are long beams used create a foundation for heavy structures like buildings, bridges and roads. Piles are made of steel that’s driven or drilled into the ground in order to help distribute the weight of a structure from the loose topsoil down to the stronger soil or rock below.

What is H-Pile?

H-pile is one type of steel pile. These piles are wide as they are deep and have the same thickness in the flange and web. When compared to standard beams, H-pile beams provide better weight distribution over a wider area and can therefore support larger and heavier structures such as tall buildings and factories. This high loadbearing capacity is what allows large buildings to be built without the risk of weakening beams.

Steel beams: wide flange, h-oile, and more


H-pile has a range of foundation applications, including falsework, soldier piles, residential projects, industrial facilities, walers, factories, airports, stadiums, bridges, skyscrapers, and more.


In the past, H-pile has only been manufactured in 8-, 12- and 14- inch sizes. Today, H-piles come in 16- and 18-inch sizes as well. This advancement allows for wider, stronger, and more versatile h-pile options. Typically, manufacturers offer 14” h-pile options with flange sizes ranging from 73 to 117 and 16” ranging from 88 to 183.


Common H-Pile Size Options

The chart below lists the full range of H-pile sizes.

  • HP8: HP8x36

  • HP10: HP10x42, HP10x57

  • HP12: HP12x53, HP12x63, HP12x74, HP12x84, HP12x89, HP12x102, HP12x117

  • HP14: HP14x73, HP14x89, HP14x102, HP14x117

  • HP16: HP16x88, HP16x101, HP16x121, HP16x141, HP16x162, HP16x183

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