Eiffel 101: 3 Types of Welded Steel Pipes

Welded steel pipes are widely used due to their affordable price and the large selection of them on the market. In comparison to their alternative, seamless steel pipes, they are an attractive choice for cost-efficient projects in particular. Since there are so many welded pipes on the market, finding the right configuration of welded pipe for a particular job is quite easy. And there is an array of used and surplus welded steel pipe available for buyers who want to get the best deal. This is a major plus considering how high steel prices can be. When exploring steel pipe options, buyers should be aware of the different types of welded pipes to help find the right product for their needs.

Types of Welded Steel Pipes

Most kinds of welded steel pipes start out as flat steel plates. Some start out as an HR coil. Regardless, the process involves shaping a steel substrate into a desired shape and size, either in a spiral welded or straight seam configuration. There are three major types of welded steel pipes that differ slightly on how they are produced and the end result of their production. Below are the three main types of welded steel pipes:

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Electric-Resistance Welded Pipe (ERW) –

ERW pipe is produced through a process of cold-forming a sheet of steel into the shape of a cylinder. Electrical current is passed through the sheet’s edges to heat it to the degree required to join and bond those edges. ERW pipe does not require the use of welding filler material. It can either be produced using high or low frequency. ERW pipe is strong, and its seams are often barely detectable.

Longitudinal Welded Pipe (LSAW or DSAW) –

LSAW pipe is produced by cold-forming a heavy carbon steel plate. This method of production results in a straight seam that extends across the entire length of the pipe externally. DSAW pipe follows a similar process but is double-submerged and results in a seam that extends across both the external length of the pipe and the internal length of the pipe. LSAW and DSAW pipes are generally sized between 12m and 20m. The quality and strength of this welding technique is quite impressive, and both LSAW and DSAW pipes are appropriate for applications that require high-pressure resistance.

Spiral Welded Pipe –

This pipe is welded by winding either a steel plate or HR coil into a spiral shape. Spiral welded pipe may also be referred to as helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipe. Spiral welded pipe can reach particularly long lengths and result in a notable degree of thickness. Production of spiral welded pipe is usually fairly quick, efficient, and affordable.

The right type of welded steel pipe for your project will depend on factors such as the application, size required, thickness required, and resistance capabilities needed. All the types of welded steel pipes listed above can be excellent choices for a variety of projects. And there is a large selection of all three types available on the market to be purchased either new or used.

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