Eiffel 101: 5 Things to Consider when Selling Steel Pipe

Do you have surplus steel pipe or previously used steel pipe laying around collecting dust in your yard? You may have made the decision to sell it, or you may be contemplating selling it. Here are five things we think you should consider when selling steel pipe to help you navigate your experience as a seller and to get the most out of selling:

1. Condition of Your Steel

What kind of shape is your steel pipe in? The condition your steel pipe is in will determine how much you should sell it for and where you should sell it. If it doesn’t have any working life left, it may not have great selling potential unless advertised as scrap. If it’s still usable, consider if it has any dents, welds, rusting, damage, or marine growth that should reduce you selling price. If it’s in above average or great condition, be sure to note this on your listing when you do sell to make potential buyers aware of its value. Additionally, if your steel pipe is surplus and has never been used before, be sure to note that on your listing.

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2. Former Applications

How have you used your steel pipe, and how was it used before you owned it if you bought it used? Keep in mind that being driven into sand and soil is easier on steel than sitting in salt water for extended periods of time. Be sure to note previous applications on your listing if you believe this is pertinent information. Additionally, note where the steel pipe has been stored when not in use if you believe this is pertinent information too.

3. Future Projects

If you’re deciding between selling or holding onto your used or surplus steel pipe, consider your projects in the foreseeable future. Do you anticipate needing it in the coming year? If you know it’s going to sit in the yard for a few years between projects, it might be a better idea to just sell it and make some money… especially in today’s hot steel market!

4. Location

If your used or surplus steel pipe is easy to access for buyers or in a higher project volume area, you can expect there to be more demand for it and to sell it quicker than it would in a more remote area. You may even be able to price it more competitively. Buyers are oftentimes willing to pay for the convenience of steel pipe in their local area to reduce the costs of and efforts associated with transporting it.

5. Condition of the Steel Market

New steel prices have skyrocketed recently, which means you can get more money for your used steel pipe now than you could in a down market. Now is definitely the time to sell, especially if you have steel pipe laying around that you don’t have plans for using for future projects! If you’re considering it then it is a great time to jump on it!

Final Thoughts

Selling steel pipe can be a lucrative endeavor, and it’s something that can improve the overall cash flow of your construction business. When it comes to steel, it’s a seller’s market right now, and you might as well use that to your advantage while helping potential buyers cut their costs while buying used!

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