Eiffel 101: 5 Tips for Selling Steel Pipe Pile

If you’ve decided to sell your used or surplus steel pipe pile, you’ve made a great choice. Selling will help you make some extra money off your steel pipe pile and help you clear out some precious space in your yard. Now’s a great time to sell your used and surplus pipe pile too because the steel market is booming and brand-new steel prices are at their highest. If you’re wondering how to get the most out of your selling experience, here are five tips to help you out:

1. Take Good Photos

High quality photos are the best way to show off your used steel pipe pile and catch the attention of potential buyers. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have professional photography equipment to take decent pictures of your steel pipe pile, though. Most smartphones have adequate cameras for the job. Make sure you take pictures in good lighting, preferably outside in the daylight. And make sure your camera’s lens is clean. It’s also helpful to take photos of the pipe pile from various angles. Since some buyers forego their inspection, having a multitude of photos from different angles can make or break a deal!

2. Uninstall Before You Take Pictures

If you’re selling surplus steel pipe pile, this doesn’t apply, but if you’re selling used pipe pile, make sure it’s removed from the ground and cleaned off. You want your buyers to have a good idea of what kind of condition it’s in, and they’ll be able to better assess this if they can see all portions of the pile and if it looks presentable and ready to use.

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3. Sell for a Reasonable/Realistic Price

You’ll likely sell your pipe pile faster if you list it for a competitive price. Make sure you do some market research to determine the average selling price of used pipe pile before you decide on your price. The price you settle on should also partially depend on factors like where the pile is located. If the steel pipe pile is in an area that is far away from other projects, you might want to lower your price to account for things like additional transportation costs.

4. Be Honest About Imperfections

Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to selling your pipe pile. Be sure to note any damage or defects to the pile. If damage or dents may compromise the steel pipe pile’s ability to do its job, this is particularly important to note. You don’t want to fool buyers upfront and have to deal with issues from dishonesty down the road.

5. Remember to List Pertinent Info and Specs

If you have information handy, be sure to list the grade of your steel, the pipe pile’s brand or manufacturer, its size in diameter, the quantity of pipe pile available, and any other information you believe buyers should know. The more information, the better. You want potential buyers to be informed about everything your pipe pile has to offer so they have a chance to make an informed decision about whether your listing is right for their project.

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Selling your steel pipe pile can be a quick and simple process. Just be sure to give potential buyers what they need to know about the pipe pile and set a fair price!

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