Eiffel 101: Components of a Slide Rail System

Slide rail shoring is a type of modular component shoring system that’s used in place of driven tight sheeting or build-in-place timber shoring systems. Slide rail shoring is unique in that it employs a “dig and push” installation method that allows for quick, efficient setup. Furthermore, this dig and push method can reduce cave-ins and trench collapse that might occur during the excavation, and which is common in other excavation methods.

Slide rail shoring systems can be used for a wide range of applications and provide enhanced safety for both personnel and those in nearby structures. When used properly, these systems allow for exceptional pipe clearance and large free span work zones.

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Slide Rail System Components

Due to their design, the components of a slide rail shoring system require only smaller, more accessible machines during installation and removal than those needed to dig the same excavation using tight sheeting or trench shields. Furthermore, the individual components of a slide rail system are lighter and easier to handle than large trench shields.

Slide rail shoring systems are comprised of the following components.


Slide rail panels look similar to trench shields and are built to withstand the most challenging job site conditions. Standard sizes are available from 4’ to 8’ high and 32’ long, though sizes can often be customized to fit specific job needs.

Long Panels

Panels longer than 32 feet eliminate the need for linear rails and strut carts on certain projects.

Corner Rails

Corner rails are designed to be set at the corner of a three or four sided system, which allow the side rails to be connected at right angles. Corner rails come in many different sizes to fit a wide range of needs.

Linear Rails

Like corner rails, linear rails allow the connection of side rails to enable multiple bay systems. Linear rails come in different sizes and can fit standard, medium and heavy-duty needs.

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Strut Carts and Unique Strut Carts

Strut carts are used in conjunction with linear rails as spreaders to help maintain the stability of a system. Strut carts come in a range of styles to support different job site needs and can feature exclusive floating double roller bearing that assures constant support and uniform load bearing.

Open Track Design

A slide rail open track design allows panels to be swung into place at ground level, rather than having a larger machine to lift the panels to the top of the rails for installation. Furthermore, the open track design removes the potential interference of overhead obstructions during system installation and removal. This enables a quicker installation and removal along with the use of a smaller machine for installation.

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