Eiffel 101: Pile Driver Maintenance Checklist

Pile drivers require maintenance to extend their mileage and to keep them running smoothly. Maintenance includes daily items, such as fluid checks and visual inspections, as well as items that should be done at certain time intervals or in inclement weather.

Daily Pile Driver Maintenance Checklist: Before Starting the Engine

  • Visually inspect the entire pile driver for loose nuts or bolts. Using a wrench, check the clamp bolts for tightness and firm them as needed.

  • Ensure that the clamp housing is well-greased.

  • Visually inspect the pile driver’s oil level. In most machines, the oil should be halfway up the gauge. If you’re unable to see the pile driver’s oil level due to dirt or grime, remove the gauge and clean it (commonly done by spraying a shot of starting fluid onto the gauge). It is vital to know the oil level before running the machine, so do not begin work until this level is observed.

  • If the oil is milky or black, change it. Furthermore, pile driver oil should be changed after 75 hours of use, regardless of the color of the oil.

  • Check the fluid level in the power unit tank.

  • Visually inspect the pile driver’s hoses for cuts or other damage that might cause an oil leak.

  • Inspect the rubbers in the suppressor housing for cracks or other damage.

  • Perform all start up checks, which are generally listed in the pile driver’s power manual.

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Daily Pile Driver Maintenance Checklist: After Starting the Engine

  • Check all hoses for leaks. Hoses should hang freely with no kinks.

  • Check pin connection to ensure they are in proper working order.

  • Check the pile driver’s jaws for wear and replace if necessary.

  • Close and open the pile driver’s jaws to ensure they are in proper working order.

Long-Term and Special Condition Maintenance Checklist

  • After every 75 hours of operation, change the pile driver’s oil. Clean the gearbox breathers each time the oil is changed. Replace the breathers if necessary.

  • After every 5,000 hours of operation, check the eccentric bearings (if applicable) and replace as needed.

  • When the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit or below -1 degrees Fahrenheit, reduce servicing intervals to one half of those specified in the operation manual.

  • When operating in the presence of dust or sand, reduce servicing intervals to one-third of those specified in the operation manual.

  • During stand-by or inactive periods, the servicing intervals may be reduced to one-half.

  • Power drivers should be run every 30 days or less to keep internal parts lubricated.

  • Gearbox oil should be changed weekly or when black or milky, if applicable.

  • The oil for clamp attachments must be checked and changed on a regular basis, if applicable.

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