How are Shoring Towers Used in Bridge Repair?

The purpose of shoring towers is to temporarily support a structure—often a building or trench, but also bridges—to prevent them from collapsing. Shoring towers can be used to support bridges in a number of situations, including during construction, when the bridge is undergoing reinforcement, when the bridge is undergoing expansion, or when a nearby structure must be demolished and there is risk that the bridge might crumble along with it. Shoring towers also help keep workers safe while they are on the job site by preventing injury or death that could occur if the bridge were to collapse.

Shoring Tower Bridge Repair Benefits

Applying shoring towers during bridge construction comes with a number of benefits. If a bridge requires repair, it’s often the case that the bridge must be closed and traffic rerouted until the work is complete. This can cause congestion, traffic delays, and even an increase in auto accidents, particularly if the bridge is a main commuter route that might see tens of thousands of drivers each day. With the use of shoring towers, bridges can be stabilized and routes kept open while construction is ongoing, allowing for traffic flow to continue as normal.

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Even if bridge traffic does not remain open during construction, the use of shoring towers during bridge repair can impact the safety of workers. Bridge repair work is hazardous to laborers, and collapses have been known to take place even after all safety precautions are in place. As previously mentioned, shoring towers support bridges during construction and are an excellent tool to prevent collapse. By utilizing shoring towers, worker protection increases and the risk of injury is minimized.

In addition to increased safety and efficiency, shoring towers are directly tied to bridge repair productivity. A bridge collapse is a setback that translates into a decrease in productivity as workers must re-erect collapsed sections of the bridge, repair damaged tools and equipment, reconnect piping or wiring that was damaged during the collapse, and handle worker injuries. By utilizing shoring towers, these kinds of setbacks can be avoided.

Why Buy Used?

Because of their solid composition and engineering, shoring towers have a long working life when maintained and stored properly. In addition, this means that shoring towers are a great piece of equipment to purchase used. Oftentimes when purchasing shoring towers on the used market, contractors can save loads of money while still procuring a quality product. At Eiffel Trading we call that a win-win!

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