Should I Purchase New or Used Pipe Pile?

Pipe piles are used for the construction of deep foundations to transfer loads from heavy structures and buildings. Pipe piles are driven into place to aid in resisting load pressure. There is a wide array of pipe pile on the market, and finding the appropriate pipe pile for your deep foundation project is fairly easy. Pipe pile is available both new and used, and which is a better buy depends on the needs of your project. If you’re deciding between purchasing new or used, here are some pros and cons of each you should know about:

Buying New

• Pros:

The one perk of buying from the mill is that you don’t have to second guess the condition of the pipe pile. This consistency can be a plus for some buyers. Another plus of buying new for some buyers is the ability to purchase pipe pile with particular specifications that are guaranteed to meet the needs of a project, although this can often be arranged for used and surplus pipe as well with coupon tests and any available MTRs.

• Cons:

The most major downside to buying new is the price. Steel prices are at all-time highs, and the prices of new pipe pile reflect this. You can expect to pay a premium for buying new. Another disadvantage when you opt to buy new is that you have to wait on rolling from the mill. This can mean that it takes the pipe pile you buy longer to get to you. If you don’t plan out your pipe pile purchase wisely, buying new and waiting for production could result in delays to your project.

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Buying Used

• Pros:

Buying used can save you a great deal of money, especially when you consider current skyrocketing steel prices. The freight costs associated with buying used can also be lower, especially if the pipe pile is located near your jobsite. In terms of quality, the great majority of used pipe pile on the market is in good or great condition. Steel lasts quite a long time before having age-related issues. Additionally, a lot of used pipe pile on the market is surplus pile that hasn’t been used before. Buyers are selling it because they accidentally bought too much for their project or their project has been canceled, and you benefit from this while knowing the quality of the pile is high.
Another advantage that can come with buying used is that it can be hassle-free. If you buy used through Eiffel Trading, for instance, we handle the buying process and freight process. These conveniences translate into more time and less stress for you.

• Cons:

It’s important to remember that used pipe is purchased “as is”. This means that it is beneficial for you or a representative to personally inspect the material prior to loading, or hire a third-party inspector. In addition, feel free to ask the seller questions about prior applications, any abnormalities such as welds or stiffeners, presumed condition, etc.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the right pipe pile for your project helps you ensure your deep foundation provides the support you need it to. Both new and used pipe pile are viable options, and both new and used pile can come with advantages and disadvantages.

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