Should I Sell My Steel Pipe Pile?

If you’re storing surplus or used pipe pile, you may be wondering if you should sell it. This may particularly be the case if you know you won’t be using it for any other deep foundation projects in the near or foreseeable future. If it’s in usable condition, there can be numerous benefits to listing it for sale. Below are some of the perks of selling your used and surplus steel pipe pile:

Make Some Extra Money

If you have used or surplus pipe pile laying around, selling it can be an excellent financial decision. New steel prices are currently sky high, which means used and surplus steel is in higher demand and you can make a decent amount of cash selling your excess pipe pile. If your pipe pile is surplus, it can be great to recoup some of the money you lost by selling it.

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Save Yard Space

If you have some extra pipe pile on your hands, chances are it’s taking up yard space you could be using to store other materials and equipment. Selling it will help you clear up some space, particularly covered storage space you may need for other items that need to be stored in protected areas. It may even cut down your storage costs if you're currently holding onto extra yard space!

Help Other Contractors

As we mentioned, steel prices are exceptionally high right now. If you sell your extra steel pipe pile, you’ll be helping another contractor save some money buying used from you rather than buying new. If you provide a good quality product to another contractor, you can build a professional relationship with them. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Sell It Quickly and Easily

Eiffel Trading's online marketplace simplifies your selling process, and we can expose your pipe pile listing to a wide network of buyers. This means you’re likely to find a buyer sooner rather than later. If your pipe pile is located in a convenient location near other projects that may need it, you’re likely to sell it even faster.

Take Advantage of Wide Market for Various Sizes

The most popular steel pipe pile on the market is sized between 18” and 30” in diameter. There’s always a market for pipe pile sized in this range because so many deep foundation projects make use of it. This means finding a buyer can be quite simple. If you have pipe pile that is smaller or larger in diameter than average, this can be a major plus too. There is always a market for niche sizes. Buyers may be willing to pay a premium for unpopular sizes if their projects necessitate those sizes.

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the major incentives of selling your steel pipe pile. There are far fewer incentives associated with holding onto it and letting it collect dust in your yard. Consider listing yours today to make some extra money, clear up some space, and help out a buyer who’s looking to cut material costs for their deep foundation project!

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