What Are Crane Mats?

A crane mat is a mat that is typically made of large timbers used to provide ground protection for heavy equipment to sit on/work atop. Crane mats are sometimes referred to as timber crane mats, construction mats, or heavy equipment mats. Crane mats are designed to be durable and to have excellent load-bearing capabilities to support the weight and various duties of heavy machinery. Crane mats help heavy equipment operate with greater ease and safety by enabling them to remain stable and firm with adequate bearing. They are a solid choice for use on any type of landscape and can be particularly helpful in wetland areas, swamps, and marshes as well as uneven ground areas.

Crane mats are built to last, and many can be used for up to five years. Because of this, they are frequently sold used once they are no longer needed for a project. Purchasing used crane mats can be a great way to help cut project costs. And selling used crane mats when they are no longer needed can be a financially-savvy choice.

Used Crane Mats for Sale


Crane mats are useful for numerous jobs, including:

  • Many projects that involve heavy lifting with the use of cranes

  • Renewable energy projects where extra support is needed for cranes to lift heavy portions of wind turbines

  • Projects where heavy machinery is required and added stability is necessary, including heavy civil, oil and gas, pipeline construction, and utility jobs

  • Bridge construction

  • Excavation projects

  • Projects involving crane access trestle

For bridge construction, crane mats are often used to create bridge decking and may also be called bridge mats. When used for bridge decking, crane mats allow for a safe and stable platform for workers and equipment. Excavation projects that make use of crane mats do so to create support for excavators and/or digging machines to help stop machines from losing their footing and slipping or toppling over. Crane mats can be used to construct crane access trestle, which enables cranes and other heavy equipment to get to areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. They may also be used to build temporary roadways that help get equipment and machinery safely from point A to point B.

Sizes and Design

Crane mats come in an array of sizes. Common sizes are between 15’ and 50’ in length, 4’ to 8’ wide, and 8” to 1’ thick. Steel through-bolts, also known as lifting bolts, are used to support the width of mats. Types of timber used to create crane mats include Douglas Fir, oak, and mixed hardwood. The ends of crane mats may be painted with wax lumber. Composite mats also exist as an alternative to traditional timber mats. Composite mats may be made of materials like rubber, fiberglass, and plastic.

You can find used crane mats in several different sizes and in several different conditions with various load bearing capabilities. Some used crane mats are like-new. Others may have a little bit of wear and tear but are still functional. Mats that are worn, bent, or otherwise damaged are often significantly discounted. You may be able to use such mats as filler for better, stronger mats.

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