What are the Components of a Vibratory Hammer?

Unlike traditional pile drivers that use large weights to strike piles into the earth, vibratory hammers use vibrations to reduces the friction between a pile and the soil, which allows the pile to “sink” easily into the ground. Employing this technique, n__ew piles can be driven quickly and old piles can be extracted efficiently__.

Vibratory hammers come with a number of benefits. While traditional pile drivers are disruptively loud, vibratory hammers are quiet. Furthermore, vibratory hammers are lightweight, they can be used underwater, they are more nature-friendly since they don’t disrupt wildlife with loud noises, they can both drive and extract piles from the ground, they are easy to transport and maintain, and they are more cost effective than traditional drivers. Finally, vibratory hammers drive a wide range of piles, including pipe pile, sheet pile, wide flange beams, h-pile beams, and more.

To operate, vibratory hammers rely on four main components: the vibration suppressor, vibration case, hydraulic clamp, and power unit.

Foundation Equpment

Vibration Case

The vibration case contains high amplitude eccentric weights with a gear that rotates on a vertical plane to create a vibration. For hydraulic vibratory hammers, the eccentric weights are driven by hydraulic motors mounted on the vibration case. The eccentrics and motor shafts are mounted on a heavy-duty cylindrical bearing. Oil pumps circulate oil between the vibration case and radiator to reduce heat in the vibration case, preventing overheating.

Vibration Suppressor

The vibration suppressor is mounted on top of the vibration case. Its purpose is to isolate vibrations, making the hammer more efficient and preventing the vibrations from disrupting unwanted areas. Vibration suppressors allow for pile extraction.

Power Unit

The power unit gives a vibratory hammer its energy. Depending on whether the hammer is electric or hydraulic will determine what kind of power unit the vibratory hammer is fitted with. The power unit also comes equipped with an emergency stop button, which allows any user to shut off the hammer quickly and safely.

Hydraulic Clamp

The hydraulic clamp is the part of the vibrator that grips the pile or tube to hold it in place while it is being driven or extracted. Without the hydraulic clamp, the pile would slip out of place, and driving would not be possible. Hydraulic clamps are typically comprised of two gripping jaws, one which is fixed and unmoving, and one that is moveable. The moveable clamp opens by increasing its distance from the fixed clamp, and closes by decreasing its distance from the fixed clamp. Hydraulic clamps are high-strength and can hold a wide range of piles in place, including pipe pile, sheet pile, wide flange beams, and h-pile beams.

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