What is Casing Pipe?

Casing pipe is a hollow steel tube used for underground construction and utility projects to protect utility lines and product pipes from damage due to construction or weather-related damage. Casing pipe is also sometimes referred to as “encasement pipe.” This type of pipe is common in various kinds of underground boring. In most cases, it is driven underground using a jack (hydraulic or pneumatic) into an augered opening. It is driven into sections, and its sections are connected using welding, threading of ends, or interlocking using an interlocking system. Casing pipe may also be welded into a ribbon shape and pulled through drilled areas underneath lakes, rivers, highways, and railways.


Casing pipe is used to protect gas pipes, water mains, fiber optic cables, power cables, and more. It is also used for deep foundation construction. Once casing pipe is secured underground, utility lines and product pipes are run through it and mounted/secured using casing spacers. Casing spacers can be made of steel, plastic, or other materials. Once a line or pipe is secured inside a casing pipe, the end of the casing pipe may be sealed with an end seal, often made of rubber, in either a wrap-around or pull-on configuration.

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Types of Casing Pipe

Steel casing pipe comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and grades. Casing pipe usually comes with a diameter of between 4 and 60 inches but may sometimes be quite larger in diameter. Most projects do not require a specific grade, but when one is required, A.S.T.M. 139 Grade B is common. Grades are determined based on minimum yield, tensile strength of steel, concentricity, straightness, and rigidity. A.S.T.M. A-252 is another popular grade because it does not require hydrostatic testing and its inspection requirements are minimal. It is also fairly inexpensive. Previously used natural gas line pipe may also be used as casing pipe when grade requirements are not as important as wall thickness and size.

Options for Buying Casing Pipe

Casing pipe can either be purchased new or used. Like most types of steel pipe used for construction and utility projects, casing pipe is built to last and maintain its strength and overall integrity over the years. Surplus casing pipe that wasn’t used for a project may be sold at a bargain price, making it an attractive choice for a project that seeks to cut costs. The current price of new steel is quite high. Exploring used options can be a smart financial choice. For projects that require uncommon specifications, new casing pipe may be a better option. It’s best to explore all the available options and find casing pipe that meets the needs of a project at the best price.

Casing pipe can play an important role in underground utility projects or deep foundation projects, offering extra protection for lines and pipes that need it. The various types of casing pipe on the market ensure that there’s a right type of casing pipe for every project in terms of grade, strength, diameter, thickness, etc. Whether purchased new or used, you can depend on casing pipe to do its job well.

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Selling your Casing Pipe

Because casing pipe is durable and long-lasting, there is a great market for used pipe casing. In addition, with the price of new steel at a peak, you can make top dollar for your good-condition steel casing pipe. Now is the time to sell!

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