What Is Closed-End Pipe Pile?

Closed end pipe pile is a type or application of steel pipe pile. Pipe pile is a type of steel pipe, which is welded, seamless, or welded in the shape of a spiral. It is driven into the ground to provide support for a deep foundations. Pipe pile helps transfer a load from a building or large structure to underground layers of soil. Pipe piles may be filled with concrete after they are driven into the ground to enhance their load bearing abilities. There are two main types of pipe pile: open end pipe pile and closed end pipe pile. A closed end pipe pile’s bottom opening is covered with either a steel plate or a conical tip. The steel plate or conical tip is welded to the opening. These coverings are often referred to as end caps. In comparison, open end pipe piles do not have end caps.

Applications of Closed End Pipe Pile

Closed end pipe piles should be driven through soft soils and loose sands, in most cases. Open end pipe piles, on the other hand, are better suited for hard soils and rocky ground areas. Closed end pipe piles are ideal for applications that necessitate bearing capacity from the entire pile toe. Acting as both displacement piles and as friction piles, closed-end pipe piles are integral to a variety of deep foundations.

Here are some of the most popular applications for closed end pipe piles:

  • Bridge foundations

  • Highway foundations

  • Dock foundations

  • Building foundations

  • Railway foundations

  • Column foundations

  • Offshore construction

  • Marine structure foundations

  • Communication tower foundations

  • Marine structure construction

End Caps: Steel Plate vs. Conical Tip

Particularly when closed end pipe piles are driven into soft soil and sand, a steel plate works well as an end cap. A conical shaped end cap is better for harder soils as well as rocky areas. As mentioned, open end pipe piles are also a viable choice for harder soils or rocky areas. The benefit of using a closed end pipe pile with a conical tip for these applications is that it adds protection for the pile toe.

Used Steel Pipe Button

Closed end pipe piles are frequently filled with concrete to bolster their load bearing capability and overall resistance and strength. In the event that closed end pipe piles are not filled with concrete, a corrosion prevention layer should be applied to them. Cutting costs is a major reason pipe piles may not be filled with concrete.

Buying and Selling Closed End Pipe Piles

Closed end pipe piles can be purchased either new or used, and there is quite a large selection of options for buyers, both new and used. The appropriate closed end pipe piles for a particular deep foundation project will be the correct size and strength and have the necessary load bearing capabilities. Buyers can save a good deal of money purchasing used, especially considering the current high steel prices. Used pipe piles should be inspected for damage and curvature before purchase to ensure their integrity and capabilities.

Used Steel Pipe for Sale

Selling used closed end pipe piles can be a lucrative and attractive option, especially for those who have extra pipe pile taking up unnecessary storage space. For those who have surplus pipe pile, selling it can be a great way to recoup funds that were lost due to purchasing too much pipe pile for a project.

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