Why Buy a Used Vibratory Hammer?

Used vibratory hammers are hammers that have been used before and are being sold for reuse. Due to the high cost of new equipment and wait times on new models, purchasing a used vibratory hammer can be a practical, cost-effective option.

How Vibratory Hammers Work

A vibratory hammer is a unique type of pile driver; unlike traditional pile drivers that use large weights to strike piles into the earth, vibratory hammers use vibrations to drive piles. The vibrations created by a vibratory hammer reduces the earth’s resistance, which decreases the friction between the pile and the ground. This change in friction is what allows the pile to “slip” into the earth. Employing this technique, new piles can be driven quickly and quietly and old piles may be extracted efficiently.

Vibratory hammers create their vibrations using spinning weights and counterweights. Using a traditional pile driver, it might take up to an hour to drive a 100 foot pile into the ground, but with a vibratory hammer, that same pile can be installed in about 10 minutes.

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Vibratory Hammer Features

Vibratory hammers come with a number of benefits:

  • While traditional pile drivers are disruptively loud, vibratory hammers are quiet.

  • Vibratory hammers are lightweight and user-friendly.

  • They can be used underwater.

  • They are more nature-friendly since they don’t disrupt wildlife with loud noises, and they can be used near residential areas without noise complaints.

  • They are smaller and easier to maneuver than traditional pile drivers.

  • They can both drive and extract piles from the ground.

  • They save time and money because they can drive piles faster.

  • They use both hydraulic and electrical energy lines.

  • They are easy to transport and maintain.

  • They are more cost effective than traditional drivers.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Vibratory Hammer

There are many advantages to purchasing a used vibratory hammer over a new hammer. New foundation equipment is expensive. This is especially true if you only need the equipment for a short time or for a limited number of projects. Many builders cannot justify paying full price for a vibratory hammer, which is why they turn to used.

Used vibratory hammers cost less than new hammers, even for exactly the same product. By purchasing used, you’ll save money and often come in under budget. Furthermore, vibratory hammers hold their value well, meaning you can resell the hammer after use and recoup much of the cost. This is not necessarily the case for new hammers, which are much like new cars; as soon as you drive them off the lot, the quick dip in value is substantial and cannot be recouped.

Used hammers do not come directly from the manufacturer, but rather from a job site or a contractor’s yard. Though this means that they may have some wear and tear, in many cases, this is cosmetic and you will still be recieving a quality hammer.

In addition to the cost savings, used vibratory hammers are ready for immediate use and are often listed “ready to ship.” This means you won’t have to wait on a manufacturer to product the item, which can cut down on lag time and reduce the potential for delays.

Overall, purchasing a used vibratory hammer enables you to reap many of the benefits of owning your own equipment without the hefty price tag. Win, win!

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